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(A) Good Quality
(B) OK Quality but still watchable
(C) You have to be desperate to want it.



All episode listings are based on "TV Tome"


Pound Puppies the Legend of Big Paw (1 Tape in SP)
Fluppy Dogs the movie
(1 Tape in SP)
The American Rabbit
(1 Tape in SP)
Sonic Underground Episodes:
Biker Mice From Mars Epsiodes:
Season 1: 1-13
Wildfire Episodes:
1-13 - Complete (3 Tapes in EP)
(Only 4 episodes) (1 Tape in EP)
The Littles Episodes:
1-6,9,11-18,23,24,26,29,31,32,Movie (2 Tapes in EP)
My Little Pony Episodes:
1-10,15-48,Special,Pilot,Movie (3 Tapes in EP)
My Little Pony Tales Episodes:
1-26 (1 Tape in EP) - Complete
Rainbow Brite Episodes:
1-6,8,9,Movie (2 Tapes in EP)
(I have all the episodes but most are in bad quality)
Gay Purr
(1 Tape in SP)
(1 Christmas episode)
(5 tapess in EP)
(5 Tapess in EP)
Transformers Armada
He-Man 2002
Fraggle Rock
(2 Tapes in EP)
Fat Albert
(5 Episodess in EP)
Silver Hawks
(1 Tape in EP)
Shirt Tales
(2 Tapes in EP)
Gummie Bears
(3 episodes in EP)
Moon Dreamers
(3 Episodes)s in EP
strawberry shortcake
(2 Tapess in EP)
(1 Tape in SP)
Chipmunk Adventure
(1 Tape in SP)
Vol 8,12,13,14
Peter Pan
(3 Tapes in EP) - Complete


TV Series

Turtles TV Series (A Quality)

Team Night Rider (1 episode)

The Monkey's (2 Tapes in EP)

Powers of Matthew Star (3 Episodes)

The Adventures of the Black Stallion (3 or 4 episodes)

Swamp Fox (A Quality (2 Tapes in EP)
-all episodes except for 1 or 2 episodes.

Time Tracks (2 Episode)

The Black Stallion (1 Episode)

Ocean Girl (1 Episode)

Sea Quest (1 episode)

Dukes Of Hazzard (A Quality)

Manimal -Complete (A Quality)(2 Tapes in EP)

Beauty and the Beast TV Series (A Quality)(7 Tapes in EP)

A-Team (A Quality)

Battlestra Gallactic (A Quality)

Forever Knight (A Quality)

Knight Rider (A Quality) (12 Tapes in EP)
-all episodes except for 1 or 2 episodes.

Misfits of Science (A Quality) (2 Tapes in EP)
-all episodes except for 1 or 2 episodes.

My Favorite Martian (A Quality) (2 Tapes in EP)




Movies (all A Quality)

Smokey Mountain Christmas
Munster Revenge
Baby... Secret of the Lost Legend
Escape to Witch Mountain (New Version)
Return to Witch Mountain
The Richest Cat in The world (A- Quality)
Return of the Shaggy Dog
Horse with a flying tail
Mr. Boogedy (A- Quality)
The Bride of Mr. Boogedy (A- Quality)
Not quite Human
Not Quite Human II
Still not quite Human
The Third Man in the mountain
The Ghosts of Buxley Hall
The Child Of Glass
Justin Morgan had a horse
The Littlest Outlaws (B+ Quality)
Song of the South (B+ Quality)
The Gnome Mobile
The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking
Stanley's Dragon
The Bellboy
Splash too
Rock a bye baby
Wild Stallion
Support your Local Sharif
The Shakyiest Gun in the west
Nico The Unicorn
A Dog's Tale
The Wild Pony
Gypsy Colt
My Friend Flicka
The Canterville Ghost
Smoky (1946)
Smoky (1966)
Run, Appaloosa, Run (A- Quality)
101 problems for Hercules
The Little Lost dog
The Legend of El Blanco