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1. Decide what your want from me, either CDs,DVDs or Tapes.

2. When you E-mail me, your e-mail message should contain have the following information...

  • Your name.
  • Your address.
  • Your e-mail address
  • The titles you want from me
  • How many Tapes or CDs you want to obtain?
  • If your getting tape(s) from me I need to know what speed you want the tape(s) in.
  • Total cost

3. I will e-mail you back with-in 24 hours.


4. Notes to Consider....
  • After you have sent your money you must wait patiently for your Tape(s) or CD's, I'm not the fastest person on the planet..
  • Do not ask me if I'm done with your Tapes, My VCR is working around the clock.
  • If you requested CD's, Do not ask me if I'm done yet.
  • Do not ask when I'll be sending your Tapes or CD's because I don't know.
  • Do not ask if I've received your money you'll just have to check my status page.
  • If your requesting tape(s) or CD's for a special event let me know.
  • Don't trust me? here's my Reference list.
  • Make sure you have all the right codec installed on your computer before complaining to me about your CD's.
  • Make sure you understand that most of the CD's are converted off of tapes. If you want perfect DVD quality, go buy it in stores.
  • If your not sure about the quality of the CD's, just ask me and I can send you some screen shots.





The payment must be in US dollars.
  • Cash
  • Money order (preferably from the Post Office)
  • Checks (Make sure it doesn't bounce) USA only
If you have any questions let me know , don't worry I won't bit.